TV TakeBack programme

NZ’s going digital – for many households, that means your old TV’s time is up! The problem is that your old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV is packed full of stuff that’s really dangerous to our precious environment. The problem with TV disposal is there are nasty leads and phosphors that will leak out of landfills, damaging our waterways, our earth, and harming our native wildlife.

The Ministry for the Environment has established the TV TakeBack initiative to encourage New Zealanders to do the right thing when they’re disposing of their old CRT TV. Project Green’s TV TakeBack network takes good care of your old TV, recycling close to 90% of its parts, so they don’t get into our precious environment.

Join thousands of Kiwis by doing the right thing when you’re considering TV disposal: find your nearest television recycling drop-off location and price here:

If you want to request a pick-up, we have a premium service available for those who simply cannot get their TV to a drop-off location. Please click here to request a pick-up.

Note: CRT Computer monitors are not part of the TV subsidy and therefore attract full recycling costs.

Project Green’s TV TakeBack initiative is partly
funded by Ministry for the Environment.

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