How we recycle

Project Green is driven by Remarkit, working in partnership with TES-AMM, one of the world’s leading e-waste recycling organisations. Our goal is to recycle your e-waste – including your old TV – in the most environmentally responsible, ethical, and useful way possible. We’re always looking for new ways to recycle, and for opportunities to make e-waste recycling easier, safer and more sustainable.

Once we take it off your hands, your e-waste will be taken apart by hand in Remarkit/TES AMM's plants located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. E-waste elements including paper, wood, plastics, ferrous metals and hazardous components are typically recycled locally, while precious metal bearing wastes are pre-processed and consolidated for further processing at our central refinery operation in Singapore.

We’re also proud that our recycling operations are creating useful, stimulating dismantling work for many people, including people with disabilities. Our Kilmarnock, Southern Disability and Cargill Enterprises relationships have created value and opportunities in the community beyond protecting the environment.

Right the way through, all of our e-waste recycling is monitored using our unique tracking software, following an e-waste load through the process from start to finish. We can create detailed reports on the progress of the e-waste we handle, ensuring accountability, security and compliance with legislation.

Remarkit is an ISO14001 certified company – you can trust our processes to keep your e-waste’s nasties out of New Zealand’s natural environment.

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